Saturday, March 29, 2008

客家市区牡蛎! HAKKA BALL & Urban Oysters!

Thanx y'all for dee bIRphdAY wIShes...& TINA TURNER's bright red Pomegranate lips w skin tight hugging spandex. Especially to Helen for closing dah nite with me @ late nite Persian Vodka Bar ( on Queen West dat served Dom balan - ‘Urban Oysters’ (lamb testicles marinated in vodka)! 

I tried gettin photo...but 'em horny buggers run away quick! I guess I would too if some1 was tryin tah have my balls with their vodka!

I tink dis officially qualifies me an 'OLD FART' status update!


Maylynn said...

that sure was fun! thanks for the grab bag of loot! you so totally rock in the eyes of our monkeys!

sun neen fai lok, tai ko!

nice pom's on your blog!
i'll delve in later when i have some more leisure time : )

kwoi 國仔 said...

it just occur to me dat ur monkeys might be tryin tah do me in! Crown Royal?!?

paris said...

Haha, I think I'll pass! That's just way too gross! And, I'm only labeled as a muslim, but I'm not religious, and don't follow anything that muslims do, and none of my family does either. Plus, there are a lot of people who don't follow all the rules of their religion. The really religious muslims don't drink, but most do. It really depends on the people. I haven't meant a persian who doesn't drink yet though, haha.

P.S. add me on "crackbook".

b namus said...


thanks for closing your birthday with us at banu....and yes, the link is fine with us!
hope to see you again soon come