Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sunday, April 06, 2008

狗!他们正在日本佬,而不是漢人! Jiggah not Chiggah DAWG!

if nigga dont get good grades nigga not gonna go to college if nigga dont go to college nigga cant get job if nigga dont get job nigga dont make money if nigga make no money nigga cant get BMW7series nigga...
...wonder if phucker who posted this is from RFK (Rob Ford Klan). He seems to think all Asians are Chinese.
Asians in video are Japanese dawg! title credit even says JAPAN TV dawg! There're Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Singaporean, Thai, etc. in Asia. Not all the Asians r Chinese, DAWG!...even Russell Peter knows better.
...& not all Han Chinese r anti-Tibetan...not all Chinese r part of BEIJING REGIME! many of us that got slaughtered during TIENNANMEN were HAN CHINESE! DAWG!
Not condoning nor excusing BEIJING REGIME for Tibetan oppression, just want to point out that Chinese r also victims of BEIJING REGIME. Peace & Rice.