Friday, January 09, 2009

一无所有的花房姑娘 ; Nothing To My Name

I first heard 一无所有 the summer of '89 during the Tiananmen Square protests when it became anthem to the Pro Democracy Movement worldwide.

Summer of '97, I was back covering the Handover for NewsWorld. It was also the eighth anniversary of the June Fourth Massacre. I remember standing in Tiananmen Square for the first time and finding myself in uncontrollable tears for no apparent reason as 一无所有 echoed from a distant boom box. It was emotionally a very moving moment for me. My only logical explanation for my reaction was that “I am Chinese” no matter how far I’ve transcended my ethnicity and cultural boundaries. But I've 'Nothing To My Name'.

While shooting 女书 after the '97 Hand Over, I saw 老崔 (pinyin: Lǎo Cuī or Old Cui as he is affectionately call) unplugged in a small Beijing venue playing 花房姑娘I luved his Rock N Roll sound of Chinese orchestral instruments (Xiao, Suona & Pipa).

The Pipa in this live version of 假行僧 Fake Monk is 1 of my favs.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

第一场雪 '09 1st Snow

...1st snow of 2009 covers my NDN kar in the middle of the road tonite. A roadside soothsayer appears assuring me that a windfall is on its way. Although I should be happy with the prospects of the coming year, I'm becoming paranoid instead.

As I slowly unwound, I wonder if a past betrayal could be catching up to me. Are our individual fates sealed, or can we alter them by changing our behavior? In trying to shape our destinies, are we just bringing them on? Is knowing the future a blessing because it allows us to plan ahead and make amends, or is it the devil's curse that can’t be shaken?

I begin coming apart as winter approaches and the staticky radio warns of a blizzard. The landscape is charged with a sullen foreboding. As the weather turns colder, I can't help but fear the mysterious seer's other prediction... that there'll be no tomorrow after the first snow...

Monday, January 05, 2009

视觉诗回顾 ; Poesía Visual Revisited

...some yolda-like dude once told me that memories were just that. "Like a zipper...once zipped, it was all over with. And you should never turn around to see if bus is coming once you've jumped in that cab. It'll just piss you off with unnecessary regrets".

...this is as close to NY rez as it gets...or just my way of emptying cup to taste new tea...which can be uplifting.

...but Shelley Saywell & her husband's hook up story proved it wrong & inspired me to revisit some of those buses...pondering whether they might have been worth waiting for...