Saturday, May 10, 2008

'Opening Shot' revisited...中餐館首播.

My mom said seeing my Chinese name roll up the credit at 7:30 pm tonight on OMNI 2 was dah best Mother's Day gift I've given her so far ! Even though she secretly wishes the broadcaster had gone with
牛仔國... She has put her prodigal son back on dah WILL !

The Chinese version of Chinese Restaurants series debut this weekend on OMNI 2 Television, broadcasting one episode a week for the next 15 weeks. Starting May 10, each half-hour episode will be shown at 7:00 pm Saturday, and repeated at 11:00 pm Saturday and 9:30 pm Sunday. The series is narrated in Cantonese by John Sham, with original language dialogue and Chinese subtitles.

Join us this summer on an epic global journey, travelling from The Canadian Prairies to The Arctic Circle Oceania; stopping along regions in The Carribeans, Latin America, Middle East, The Indian Sub-Continent, Sub-Saharan Africa; bringing you into the lives of extraordinary families as they share moving stories of struggle, courage, displacement and belonging, and what it means to be “Chinese” today.

For information about OMNI 2 schedule, see
For information about Chinese Restaurants & Clips, visit

We don't do Chinese Food deliveries if you get dee munchies for Chicken Balls with dat glow in dah dark florescent orange sauce, but please spread the word for huddles around dah telee....


關卓中編導的《中餐館》系列中文版將於本周末起在OMNI2電視台首播。 自5月10日起,連續15個星期,每個星期六晚上7點至7點半播放一輯,並於當晚(星期六)晚上11點及次日(星期日)晚上9點半重播。本系列所含方言均配有中文字幕,並由岑建勳擔任粵語旁白。


Monday, May 05, 2008

I gave dis HOTTIE 12" on National Telebision!

"So I just found out from the Slice website that you and dah boyz will be on next Tuesday's episode airing May 13th @ 9:00pm sharp on Slice TV, Channel 41. Looking forward to re-living the moment when I hacked off your mane. My new favourite men's look: Asian Urban Cowboy!  xox Kel."

Superstar Hair Challenge II. See link for multiple air times:

"I considered rocking the faux hawk & lost my locs to this Biker Chic on Slice !"