Monday, December 24, 2007

圣诞吃中菜與猶太菜,嗯!!Kreplachs & Chinese 4 Xmas YEAH!!

Xmas was always the loneliest times during College when all dee Gentile students go home leaving the non-Gentile students behind with nuthin to do on Xmas day but go to a matinee. I always thought Silent Nite was so named cuzz the bloody city shuts down & the only place to get food is Chinatown.
...a number of people have expressed their discontent with the way Jews are portrayed in some scenes in this video...

I personally don't get all the fuss about Jews eating Chinese food on Xmas? What dah f#uk's wrong with dat? I eat it everyday including Xmas...but we just call it food!

yeap...I'm back Jack!...& havin KREPLACHS with my Chinese(food) 4 XMAS. Happy belated Chanukah y'all!