Saturday, March 22, 2008

现代种族主义范式.Modern Racist Paradigm

A well researched documentary that exposes the "White" Media's long-term agenda to standardize Caucasian people as the "social norm" for general society. Through the globalization and centralization of the "White" media and its constant propagation of repetitive images depicting Caucasians in positive roles and as protagonists while usually depicting Non-Caucasians as background characters and antagonists -- which are often connected to negative themes and stereotypes -- the media elite have been able to effectively condition general society subconsciously into adhering to a racist social hierarchy in which Caucasian people are at the very apex.

The documentary addresses many modern-day internalized racist psychological dispositions (subconscious forms of internalized racism) which are unknowingly passed down from generation to generation due to the globalization and pervasiveness of "Whiteness"; a cultural assimilation process of which, is directly derivative to historical European expansionism, colonialism, and imperialism.

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The article in the link above (which has much more information than in the video) also exposes "race" as being nothing more than a social construct. It (the article) exposes the fallacy of "race" and the color labels that are part of it; examples include the terms "Black" and "White", etc., and how those color labels are subconsciously associated with underlying negative and / or positive themes.

Note: This video is designed to serve as an introductory presentation to the article itself.

Note: This is the stuff 'White Media' conjures up! Luvly...huh!


Christina Miguel said...

I quite enjoyed the clip with Tyra Banks.

James Ip said...

It would go right over Ford's head, I think.
This was really interesting. Thanks for posting it.