Friday, June 13, 2008

大佛,你玩我呢?Buddha, r u testing me?

I've only been back in town for a week & it's been 1 too many senseless tragic deaths around me. First Kyle was taken away by Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) essentially Mad this:

Got word today from Dylan's cuzzin that he was gun down last nite while sitting in his Jeep with engine still idling, innocently waiting for a friend just down the street from me! If there is a superior being somewhere, tell him no one is allow to die around me no more dammit!...give it a rest @ least for the rest of this remaining year!

Didn't wanna let all this get to me...So I stopped by crime scene en-route to Thai food tonite shaking my fist in dee wind & shouted out 'f-u!' as I rode my iron horse against dee odds of straying bullets & had myself a hunk of cow 4 dinner in defiance! (of Mad Cow)

Crime scene had police shell case markers everywhere. It looked like Al Capon's St Valentines Day Massacre. They were obviously hit by a spray of gunfire! The black Range Rover was still there & you could still clearly see where bullets had smashed through the windshield and the metal body of the vehicle! But Police investigation is still claiming it as "innocent victims of a car jacking that went wrong". I don't buy that. Why would any1 spray a "marketable" vehicle with bullets if they were trying to jack it?

I don't get Jetlag & was doing fine with the i'm all fucked up stayin up all nite listening to Ethiopian rock n roll wide awake.

...maybe afraid to sleep like I might not wake up again...

In memory of Kyle & Dylan. May you journey to a better & more peaceful place than ours.