Thursday, January 01, 2009

无腿鸟的冥想损失 ; Legless Bird's 2008 Meditations Lost

We were just 0.01cm from each other at the high point of our intimacy. I knew nothing about her. Six hours later, she fell in love with another man & is pregnant with child. The harder you try to forget someone, the more it will stick in your memory. If you have to lose something, the best way is to not keep it in your memory

You'd think one minute just flashes by...but it really lingers on. I glance at the clock and tell myself that I have to forget her starting this very minute
... on the 8th day of August, 2008...we were together one minute before 8pm. I remember that one minute because of her. We were friends for one minute from that moment on

She ask me to take her home when I was about to leave. I haven't ridden a motorbike with a woman so close for a long time. The ride wasn't that long. I knew she'll be getting off soon, but I wanted that warmth to linger on...into the night

I didn't really think she'd call. But I still hung around every time I pass that telephone booth. It was possible that she only wanted someone to chat for one night...a sexless one night stand if you will

I've heard of legless birds that can only fly and fly, then sleep in the wind when it is tire. The bird only lands once in its life time when it's time to die...she said I was like 1 of those birds that once born, would keep flying until death. Funny thing was...those birds never went anywhere. It was dead from the beginning

The best thing about my gigs are the simple organic reacts in the absence of over intellectualization. I like things arrange for me. Who's to be shot... when... where... a mirror of my life has all been destined to unfold

I look at the footage over and over again...Watching her cook again in my make-shift kitchen, I felt all warm & fuzzy inside. I'll never forget the taste of her stir fries but I'll never taste her food again...if memory of her has an expiry date, let it be 10,000 years 

Go ahead. Despise me if you like... but at least you won't forget me

...if eventual seeker is "In The Mood" to ride "Chunking Xpress" on "Days Of Being Wild" at station "2046" for some "Blueberry Nites" & non-computer-generated xchange with "Rebel Of A Neon God"...send message along with legless bird

HAPPY '09...peace & rice for every1!