Saturday, February 02, 2008

'我的藍莓夜 My Blueberry Night'

Looking forward to this release on Feb.13th...hope it's not just a Wong Kar Wai for dummies!

If you're "In The Mood" to ride the "Chunking Xpress" to station "2046" for "My Blueberry Nights" on "Days Of Being Wild" "As Tears Go By" thru "The Ashes Of Time"...drop a line or meet me @ The Memphis Bar & Grill, we just might be "Happy Together". 

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Anonymous said...

I loved your profile and blog. Will have to take some time to read it all. You seem like you'd have a thousand years' worth of stories to tell.
I'm no 'Rice Queen' but I do like the idea of retiring to a mahjong parlour somewhere. I have a tile set but I don't know how to play yet...
I'm an archaeologist...not 1 of those sexy relic hunter...more of an academic sort of consultant. It's the kind of job that sounds more exciting than it is...
Character-wise, I can be super-shy sometimes, but I can also be the wit of the party. I'm very girly but not in a vapid way. I love travel and seeing new places, my to-see list includes many of the places you've already been. I've lived in 4 countries so far, would love to add to that. I enjoy a chat over a beer or a meal. I love walking around the city randomly (I live in Little Italy). I spend a fair bit of time online but I'm no social outcast. I have real-life friends, too.
So where's this Memphis Bar & Grill ?