Monday, January 05, 2009

视觉诗回顾 ; Poesía Visual Revisited

...some yolda-like dude once told me that memories were just that. "Like a zipper...once zipped, it was all over with. And you should never turn around to see if bus is coming once you've jumped in that cab. It'll just piss you off with unnecessary regrets".

...this is as close to NY rez as it gets...or just my way of emptying cup to taste new tea...which can be uplifting.

...but Shelley Saywell & her husband's hook up story proved it wrong & inspired me to revisit some of those buses...pondering whether they might have been worth waiting for...


Cheuk Kwan said...

Kwoi, my darling DP, you are getting nostalgic in your old age.

kwoi 國仔 said...

i was born nostalgic...probably reminisced about my mom's womb when I was just a new born...has nuthin to do with gettin old & decrepit lol!