Monday, May 05, 2008

I gave dis HOTTIE 12" on National Telebision!

"So I just found out from the Slice website that you and dah boyz will be on next Tuesday's episode airing May 13th @ 9:00pm sharp on Slice TV, Channel 41. Looking forward to re-living the moment when I hacked off your mane. My new favourite men's look: Asian Urban Cowboy!  xox Kel."

Superstar Hair Challenge II. See link for multiple air times:

"I considered rocking the faux hawk & lost my locs to this Biker Chic on Slice !"


Anil said...

who is the hottie?
You chose her, or she chose you? I guess I will see on the show!

anil said...

Wow ... cowboy bruce lee ... how are you liking the new hair? When was the show taped? and how did you get on it?

Mary Luz Mejia said...

That was awesome- thanks for sharing Nishi!
Kwoi- I like your hair parted in the middle like you wore in Asia too! :-) Ah, what won't Kwoi do for a pretty Asian lady!?!

Kelli Chan said...

Hey, Kwoi!

Great to hear from you! Are you back from the exotic far east?? So I gots da Boot this week...but I stand by everything I said in my exit montage. What an experience to have gone through. I DO feel like a stronger person (despite my demeanor the screen!) and I'm so fortunate to have been chosen. You were wonderful and a bright spot in the whole experience! So glad you love your grow out. Didn't think I took you to lollipop land too much...I was goin' for a modern day Bruce Lee-Asian-cowboy-rockeresque-type-mod-do-thingamabob...ooops, better stop now before I baffle anymore judges...hee hee!!

Hugs to you, Kwoi. Keep my in touch!