Thursday, March 06, 2008

我们不是地毯 We're not carpets!

Toronto councillor Rob Ford draws rebuke, saying 'Oriental' people are 'taking over'.

"You want to see workaholics, those Oriental people work like dogs, they work their hearts out, they are workers non-stop. They sleep beside the machine. I'm telling you that's what makes them such hard workers. Those Oriental people are slowly taking over," he said during a council debate on whether or not to keep retail stores open on statutory holidays. His comments were offensive and inappropriate.

Councillor Shelley Carroll quickly retorted by quoting Asian American comedian Margaret Cho who said, "carpets are Oriental, people are Asian."

It's not the first time Ford has been accused of uttering racially-fuelled remarks. In 2002, his colleague Giorgio Mammoliti filed a complaint under the harassment and race relations policy at city hall, saying Ford called him a "gino boy." Ford denied making that comment. It's unacceptable in this city and it's unimaginable that we have an elected official making these comments.

I don't get where 'work like dogs' came from neither...cuzz my bitch just lies around & licks herself all day long! Ford had obviously just passed thru HK on an oriental carpet tour & missed LMF (LazyMuthahFuckahs) WHAT DAH FUCK!

The lyrics are ironically appropriate in Ford's context. It's LMF criticizing Tung's puppet government in HK. They're sayin shit like he's got no dick & should step down & so on...well u get dah drift...

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