Wednesday, February 13, 2008

你到底爱不爱我?! 'do you fucken love me or not?!’

It wasn't even Kareoki time yet @ my cuzzin’s Fukien Wedding last week when I caught this DJ belting out obliviously ‘你爱不爱我?你到底爱不爱我?’(Do you love me or not? Do you phucken love me or not?!) with his IPOD headsets on as if no one else was listening… one else was watching. I just happen to be passing by to get an extension cable from my car & the dude was on a smoke break.

I Youtubed the song in my futile attempt to decipher its lyrics & here it is:

I speak Cantonese, all I’ve been able to get in my limited Mandarin is the chorus thus far. But the key words 到底 really drives the message home. 到 literally means ‘to arrive at or to get to’ & 底 means ‘the bottom’. I think the chorus is saying ‘let’s get to the bottom, cut the crap & tell me if you love me or not’. So depending on the tone of voice, ‘你到底爱不爱我?’ can be asking sincerely, ‘I need to know, so just tell me, do you love me or not?’ or with a little more intensity, he's sayin ‘do you fucken love me or not?!’ 


Helen said...

that's hilarious that he was just belting this out. hahahah

Pooh_tigger said...

kewl blog mandarin sucks tho! i'll get oliver to try! LOL. yes, let's get prof sinner out for some drinks. would you guys want to come by our place one night or perhaps meet somewhere grungy and sleazy downtown!

Mary Luz Mejia said...

Kwoister- no VD Vomiting allowed for you are way TOO loved for that amigo! That was funny tho- your You Tube video - I can only imagine some guy trying to hit those notes and sounding like a mad man in Mandarin. :-)

Hugs and have a LoveLY day!

kwoi 國仔 said...

dat's wat I luv & hate about mainlanders...they break out in song like in those old musicals with out no 1 gives a shit instead of if u can't sing, don't!