Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Border

Funny bizz aside. Last night, I watched the premiere of "The Border", CBC’s expensive sensationalized glam fiction about the two prongs of good & evil. The show is indeed slick, well-acted, and not badly written, portraying a gritty faux reality which of course makes it worse.

The CBC world of "The Border" is not mine. I'm not Muslim. However, I could not help but reflect on a different but parallel historical context (The Racist Head Tax & Exclusion Act) that my community is still waiting for remaining redress shortfalls. As China rises to world power, it will become a threat to the US more than Iraq had...& I have no confidence that Canada will not follow Big Brother's homeland security policies & revisit that same historical past.

When I finally got my Canadian Citizenship after being in Canada for over a decade, my White co-worker congratulated me jokingly with "...you can now officially go to arrivals at the airport, wave your fist in the air and yell "damn you immigrants, coming to steal our jobs!""Not that I would want to call anyone a damn immigrant. But I still don't feel much like a Canadian after all that's said & done with the whole Citizenship shpeel. I still remain on defensive guards in the face of racial profiling & will continue to do so.

I realize that "The Border" is a fictional world and a fictional show. But so much of this type of material gets swallowed up by mass appeal. l think the racial profiling used in the shows online games
http://www.cbc.ca/theborder/?3 are irresponsible & more dangerous than our reality. Despite the slick production, this expensive glam show is not doing any good in educating the public, the realities of immigration & border agencies. But it is instead, fueling the life of a long senseless & evil war brought on by corporate America.

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